Add some spice to your garden with some HERBS

January 16, 2015 News

Dear Sage Advice,

I’m trying a new relationship with gardening. I’ve started a container garden on my balcony, and though slow to start I think it really has potential. The only thing is things are a little – ahem – bland. How can I spice things up while keeping the simple edible potted plants that I love?

Blah Blah Bland

Dear BBB,

Don’t fret, you can have it all. Add some spice to your garden with some HERBS. Herbs will be very happy in pots, and are very easy to care for. Perennial herbs (that don’t go away after a season in the sun) are easy choices. Depending on your exposure try a classic like rosemary, thyme, savory or something on the wild side like pineapple sage, Korean mint or lime basil. Dill-icious!

Sage Advice