Monthly Giving

Become a sustaining monthly donor to provide ongoing support for our work empowering youth from equity-deserving communities to become environmental stewards.


Two of EYA's youth participants.

Three smiling youth are standing outside a greenhouse holding black bins full of plants in plant pots.

Why Donate Monthly

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    Reliable Revenue
    Monthly donations provide reliable revenue that creates stability for EYA by allowing us to plan our programs in advance and know how many youth we have the capacity to engage.

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    Reduce Admin Costs
    Monthly donations are automated which saves us time and money requesting donations.

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    Take Home Native Plants
    Each spring we offer monthly supporters who donate $15 per month or more a free bundle of youth-grown native plants from our nursery!

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    Event Invitations
    Our monthly supporters receive opportunities to participate in events and tours of our programming spaces at Strathcona Community Gardens.

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    Convenient Way to Support
    Monthly donations are a convenient way to provide consistent support for our youth programs.

“I’m happy to support EYA in the work they do because I believe the future of our planet lies with our youth. I hope my monthly donations will help EYA to have a more dependable budget so that they can develop programs that will engage youth to be stewards of the natural environment.

— EYA Monthly Donor


Frequently Asked Questions

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Let’s Chat About Supporting EYA

Please get in touch if you have questions about donating to EYA.

Koy Tayler
Manager, Fundraising & Communications

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