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We support 600 youth each year to become environmental stewards through our land-based education and employment training programs. Our programs are designed to have four main areas of impact.


How Our Programs Impact Youth

Our award-winning programs support youth to connect with nature, develop skills to care for nature, grow land-based job skills, and connect with community. Each season, we evaluate our programs to measure and deepen impact, and advance our commitment to anti-oppression and inclusion. Watch the video to learn more about our impact areas and hear directly from EYA youth!

A group of youth are standing and posing outside surrounded by gardening boxes.
A young person is standing outside holding a small nursery container which holds a growing plant inside.

1. Connecting With Nature

EYA programs support youth to deepen their relationship with the land. Youth report feeling increased respect for the environment and sense of reciprocity and kinship with nature, and more desire to care for nature.

“I feel more connected to the environment and more caring towards nature. It feels good to know that I can make a positive influence in my community.”

— Participant

A young woman is standing outside holding a wooden tool for tending to a garden. She is wearing a mask and gardening gloves and is putting up a piece sign with one hand.

2. Skills To Care For Nature

EYA programs support youth to develop the skills, practical experience, and confidence to steward and restore the environment, including native plant horticulture, ecological restoration, and Indigenous land stewardship practices.

“I’ve learned new skills that I’ve never thought about before. I didn’t know how to plant seeds, make soil, and know what birds are native to my community before this program. I feel empowered to take action to protect the environment.”

— Participant

Two youth are kneeling outside on a patch of soil tending to it.

3. Land-Based Job Skills

EYA programs support youth to develop land-based job and employability skills that empower them to pursue values-aligned green livelihoods that care for nature.

“The program helped me communicate better. It opened up possibilities by learning about different land-based jobs and has given me so much confidence in myself.”

— Participant

Three young women are standing outside at the Strathcona Community Garden posing while holding a plant in a nursery pot.

4. Connecting With Community

EYA programs support youth to develop new friendships, increase connection to community, meet Elders and Knowledge Keepers, and grow self-confidence.

“I feel stronger as a person. I developed more friendships and have learned to be more involved with my community. The program really improved my knowledge of this land and helped me understand more about how I can help make this world a better place.”

— Participant


Youth at EYA’s programming site at Renfrew Ravine.


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A group of youth are standing outside holding various gardening tools like rakes and shovels. Some of them are wearing t-shirts with the EYA dandelion icon.
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