About EYA


The Environmental Youth Alliance is a non-profit charity that cultivates transformative nature experiences for children and youth in urban environments to foster community connectedness, build ecological leadership skills, and enhance their well-being
Our Challenge Our Approach Our Vision

The environment is at the core of everything we are and everything we do. As a society, we are at a turning point – there is a growing disconnect between us and the natural environment. Yet, there is also an opportunity to help people understand their role in nature and empower them to turn ideas into action.

At EYA, we raise awareness around environmental issues and actively engage young people so that they get to see, taste and touch their surrounding environments. We create small moments of magic knowing that those moments will accumulate over time – that is how change occurs. Magic comes from the imagination, a place of wonder and awe, and EYA taps into that curiosity to awaken ideas. We help educators and learners look at education through new lenses. Our diverse programs allow us to explore new areas, develop innovative approaches and build a culture that transcends boundaries. We help people connect to something greater than themselves, and we allow them to see the possibilities as they ultimately become catalysts for change.
We are a force of young people changing the world, one seed at a time. We formed with a vision of connecting people with the environment as well as with each other. Since EYA’s inception in 1989, we have been using experiential learning to grow communities and embark on new quests to help us better understand our own inner nature. We inject passion, energy and expertise into the environmental movement.

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