Free School Workshops & Teacher Resource Package!

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NOTE: For the workshops, priority will be given to VSB high schools (due to the cost of travel). We specifically encourage applications from teachers at Britannia Secondary, Templeton, VanTech, and the alternate schools.

The Environmental Youth Alliance’s high school workshops inspire youth to explore the natural world outside their door, while engaging them to think deeply about their interconnectedness with our urban biodiversity. Through hands-on activities,  we challenge students to re-imagine our cities as sustainable, resilient ecosystems for a variety of species, including our own.

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A recently-released free online resource with lesson plans and hands-on activities to fit the BC Science 9/10 curriculum. Includes a free customized 1.5 hour workshop led by EYA educators to extend the learning.

Or a single EYA-led 1.5 hour workshop in one of two areas:

Learn why pollinators are worth the buzz & get students involved in studying these amazing creatures! Classes that are new to pollinator citizen science will be guided through an ecological monitoring survey of pollinators in a local garden space. Putting on their biologist hats, students will peer closely at pollinators, learn how to identify them, understand their behaviour and find out what kinds of plants they rely on for survival. For classes that have completed the Wild Mind curriculum package, we’ll facilitate a discussion to interpret the relevance of your students’ pollinator data in a scientific and community-based context.  Then, students will carry out habitat restoration, planting native species from our nursery in your garden to support beneficial bugs found (or not found!) by your class.

Find out more about native plants & how to design for & encourage wildlife in your schoolyard gardens. Helping to grow Vancouver’s urban wildlife habitat is an essential part of the work we do at EYA, and we’re excited to inspire youth to make a positive impact on their local ecology. Our Habitat Stewardship workshops focus on the role native plants play in our city ecosystem; learn about what native plants may grow in your schoolyard and how they may be used by local wildlife, and consider ways we could improve habitat in our backyards & schoolyards, and in our neighbourhood green spaces. These 1.5 hour Workshops can be adpated to fit your current area of study and could include one of these themes: learning how to plant and propagate native plants, designing for wildlife in your schoolyard, or even a hands-on planting of pollinator plants in your school’s existing raised beds or planters.

Request a free workshop or copy of the resource package