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WILD MIND: Connecting heads, hands & hearts to the urban wild

The EYA Wild Mind School Program supports high school science teachers to engage students in three lessons exploring their interconnectedness with our urban ecology & biodiversity, challenging them to re-imagine our cities as sustainable, resilient ecosystems for a wide variety of species, including our own.

1. Teachers receive…


The Resource Package aims to support teachers in getting their students outside to explore and interact with the natural world, thereby fostering student’s curiosity & encouraging inquiry into the world outside their door.

2. Resource package includes and teachers deliver…


The Resource Package consists of sequenced lessons on urban plant & wildlife biodiversity with activities for the teacher to deliver both in the classroom and outdoors.

3. EYA delivers…


The program concludes with a hands-on nature stewardship workshop facilitated by EYA in the classroom, schoolyard garden or at Strathcona Community Gardens.

NOTE: Priority for workshops will be given to schools in the Vancouver School Board due to cost and ability to travel. We specifically encourage applications from teachers at Britannia, Templeton, VanTech, and the alternate schools.

Contribution for stewardship workshop: We suggest a contribution of $120 for the 1 hour workshop, which helps us recover a portion of our costs (staff time, travel, and materials). However, we strive to make our programming accessible to everyone. Please contact us if cost is a barrier. 

Questions? Contact Jaycee Clarkson, Program Coordinator, at jaycee@eya.ca

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