Tommy Kuo

August 27, 2016

Tommy moved to Vancouver in 2015 and has since immersed himself in the natural beauty of the West Coast. Be it a hike on local trails or a camping trip to Vancouver Island, every nature exploration is a reminder to him about the importance of environmental protection. His love and curiosity for the natural world led to his participation in two EYA summer programs on pollinator ecology, during which he was deeply inspired by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the EYA team. After leading education and volunteer programs with Pacific Spirit Park Society, doing public outreach with David Suzuki Foundation, and creating sustainability projects with Engineers Without Borders, he is returning to EYA as a Youth Board Member to work with the same individuals that helped cultivate his environmental leadership in non-profits. He is currently a third year UBC student pursuing an honours thesis in Chemical Biology, with research interests in plant biology and green chemistry.