Samuel MacTavish

October 5, 2016

Sam was born and raised in Vancouver, and is currently studying Environmental Studies at Langara. He has always had a strong interest in nature and started volunteering with the EYA in 2014. In his time with the EYA, Sam has assumed a wide variety of tasks as a volunteer. He started saving seeds as part of the EYA’s Urban Seeds program and has continued volunteering with the organization since then. He has since helped with growing and planting native plants in an effort to rewild the Strathcona gardens, educating youth about nature and gardening, and participated in nature based education and research initiatives, including the Pollinator Citizen Science Program. The latter taught Sam all about different species of pollinators and their habitats and life cycles. Sam hopes to continue learning and teaching youth about wildlife and how to teach others to become environmental stewards by practicing gardening that benefits wildlife, as well as about biodiversity and the nature found around them in the city.