Niki Westman, CPA, CGA

October 14, 2016

Niki Westman (she/her)

Niki is a third-generation settler of western European ancestry. She spent her childhood on Algonquin land, walking to school through suburban forests. Before becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant, Niki wrote a Master’s thesis in English Literature on the pedagogy of Indigenous ecological principles in fiction by First Nations’ authors. Inspired by the teachings of northwest coast Indigenous voices, Niki finally transplanted to Coast Salish territory in 1997 where she now enjoys counting the beans for EYA as much as she loves growing them in the community garden that she founded. She has unrestrained compulsions for sewing colourful pants, moving and singing with music, riding her bike in urban forests, and striking up random conversations with interesting creatures along the way.

Phone: 604-689-4446