Melissa West Morrison

February 22, 2017

With one foot in cedar and another in bamboo, Melissa is on a life long journey of catching the flow of her ancestors. Melissa is ‘Namgis and Chinese. With the gift to walk multiple worlds, she works to facilitate conversations and opportunities for both communities she is from to come together, learn more about each other and to create spaces for bridges of solidarities to form between all cultures and communities. Her undergraduate degree was in First Nations and Indigenous Studies, with a minor in Law and Society as well. Exploring her mixed roots identity is also at the heart of Melissa‚Äôs artistic manifestations. Through the creation of fashion designing, poetry writing, filmmaking, photography and getting involved with land-based education, she explores topics of love, identity and what it means to find (be) longing through (dis) placement and how one can have body sovereignty through all this. Email: