Marika 愛丽 van Reeuwyk

February 24, 2017

Manager, Sites & Stewardship

Marika is a first generation settler with Chinese Singaporean ancestry on her mother’s side and Dutch ancestry on her father’s side. She grew on Stó:lō territory, where the mountain ranges of this valley meet to embrace the River. Marika has put down new roots in Coast Salish territories with her partner Chris, her feline familiars, Connor and River, and many plant friends. On her learning journey, Marika studied applied biology at UBC with a focus on native bees and floral ecology. She is a big bug nerd and recently co-founded the Native Bee Society of BC. In her spare time, you’ll find Marika moving and grooving, getting creative, growing and cooking nourishing food, and meeting new plants, birds, and bees in the wild.

Pronouns: She/Her
Email:  I  Phone: 604-689-4446