David Palmer

February 24, 2017

David Palmer (he/him)
Manager, Fundraising & Communications

David is a dual UK/Canadian citizen who grew up in the urban-rural fringes of London. A recent settler on unceded Coast Salish territories, he landed on the west coast following a Master’s in Gender and Sexuality at University of London and a year-long bicycle journey across Europe and Asia. David is passionate about restoring ecological balance, food security, and environmental justice, and loves connecting with nature in and out of the city. He lives in a wannabe homestead in East Van where he enjoys sewing clothes, growing food, and petting the house cat, Margaret. With over seven years’ experience fundraising for nonprofits in the UK and Canada, David loves to connect people with the causes they’re passionate about.

Email: david@eya.ca
Phone: 604-716-7933