Amanda Adams, Secretary

September 25, 2016

Amanda grew up on the prairies but after migrating to Vancouver has fallen in love with the west coast. When she isn’t working she can be found camping and foraging in the forest, working in her garden, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She also relishes a good food pun, no matter how corny.

With degrees in conservation biology and cultural anthropology and a graduate diploma in environmental education she sees the importance of connecting youth to nature for building and sustaining thriving communities. Amanda also has a strong background in facilitation work, working with adults and youth in various educational settings. She believes that hands-on, experiential learning is the best way to inspire and empower others to make healthy choices for themselves, their community, and for the environment.

Amanda has a diverse background working with a number of environmental nonprofits in a variety of roles, and is currently the Program Manager at Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture.