Rewilding East Van


Want to help create more habitat for wildlife in the city? Looking for new experience for your resume? In this program, you’ll learn about ecological restoration and work with a team of youth to restore habitat for salmon and birds along Still Creek in Renfrew Ravine and in our Wetland project in Strathcona Park. You’ll gain skills that can help you get a job, including how to remove invasive species, plant native species, and identify plants and wildlife. You’ll also connect with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, meet new friends, grow your leadership skills, and earn money while you’re at it! 


Programs are open to youth ages 14-18 who identify as BIPOC*, LGBTQ2S+, living with a disability, and/or are targeted by other systemic barriers.

*BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and Person of Colour (we define Person of Colour as South Asian, Chinese, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, or ancestry from places other than Europe. This also includes youth of mixed-race identities. For example, someone who is of part European, part Latin American ancestry).

Lunch is provided & bus tickets are available upon request.



  • June 12 – Aug 19     I   Sundays in June, Fridays in July & August, 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM  – Wetlands & Wildlife focus  (10 sessions)
  • July 4 – July 27     I   Monday – Wednesday (for 4 weeks), 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM  – Wetlands & Wildlife focus  (12 sessions)

Our programs are packed with team work, successional land-based teachings and visits from respected guests, so we ask that you attend all program days. If you know in advance that you must miss more than one day, we kindly ask that you apply for a different or future program.

You will receive a $20 honorarium for each day attended, a maximum of $200 – 240 based on attendance.

Please note: The honorarium cannot be paid out if participants attend less than four days of the program. 

Strathcona Community Gardens (759 Malkin Ave.)
Renfrew Ravine (3998 Renfrew St.)


Application for this program is found here 


Questions? Our Senior Program Coordinator, Deandra Atmojo ( would be happy to hear from you.


COVID-19: EYA has policies in place to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19. Visit for full details. C Health Authority. 

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