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How many native bees are there in Vancouver? What can we do to help local pollinators? In this program, you’ll learn to identify some of the 56 species of native bees in Vancouver. You’ll learn about the threats facing pollinators and  take action to support them – including building a new insect hotel in EYA’s Youth Garden to create nesting habitat.  You’ll also contribute to a new community-based bumblebee monitoring program using the Bumble Bee Watch App, helping researchers understand the current status of bumblebee populations in Vancouver and how populations are changing. This program includes field trips to several urban green spaces around East Vancouver to document species abundance. You’ll also meet new friends, gain experience for your resume, and develop your observational and applied science skills.


This program is open to all youth age 19-23.



  • July 4 – August 29    I     Saturdays, 11 AM – 3 PM


Strathcona Community Gardens (759 Malkin St.)


Registration for the 2020 program is now closed.


Questions? Our Program Coordinator would be happy to hear from you: Marika van Reeuwyk, marika@eya.ca or 604-689-4446


COVID-19 UPDATE: EYA is planning for in-person summer programs with some changes to keep you and your family safe, including small group sizes, outdoor activities only, 2-metre physical distancing, no sharing of tools or gloves, frequent hand-washing, and safely-prepared pre-packaged lunches. We’re carefully monitoring updates from health authorities – if it isn’t possible to run in-person programs, we will run virtual programs instead.


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