Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

In 2018, EYA will engage dozens of high school-aged youth in free 8-week native plant horticulture programs at our greenhouse and outdoor learning space in Strathcona Community Gardens in Vancouver’s inner city. The summer program will run as a condense 2-week program. 

Through the program, youth will help grow thousands of native plants, shrubs, and trees, including salal, flowering currant, sword fern, tall Oregon grape, red osier dogwood, kinnikinnick, and dozens more. They will also learn about propagation and cultivation, seed saving, pollination, drought-resistant gardening, and the role of native plants in healthy ecosystems. Spring and Summer program youth will participate in growing food crops alongside learning about edible native plants and cultural connections to the historical Vancouver landscape.

Plants grown by youth will be distributed (for free!) to schools, neighbourhood houses, supportive housing facilities, food banks, community gardens, community centres and other groups creating native plant gardens essential to urban biodiversity and climate change adaptation. Hundreds of families will also received free plants through public give-away events, supporting a city-wide backyard wildlife habitat network.

Through the program, youth participants will have an opportunity to learn about local biodiversity and ecosystems, discover and cultivate their love for nature, make community connections, and grow ecological leadership skills.

To apply for the Fall 2018 youth program, visit:

To inquire about free native plants for your wildlife habitat project, contact Jess Henry, Program Manager at




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