Plants for Birds

Plants for Birds

The 2019 Plants for Birds program will engage dozens of high school-aged youth in free 8-week experiential learning and stewardship programs in Strathcona Community Gardens. Youth participants will grow hundreds of bird-supporting native plants and develop a native plant demonstration garden to raise awareness of the role of native plants in supporting native insects, and in turn, insect-eating native birds. The plants grown by youth participants will be distributed with educational materials to local organizations and schools to develop habitat gardens that provide important habitat for insect-eating birds and contribute to Vancouver’s ecological network.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Spring 2019 Program!

To inquire about joining the program or receiving free native plants for your bird-supporting habitat garden project, contact Jess Henry, Program Manager at

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of:

The Province of British Columbia.

The Tweedledum Foundation



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