Plants for Birds

Plants for Birds

The 2019 Native Plants for Birds program will engage dozens of high school-aged youth in free 8-week experiential learning and stewardship programs in Strathcona Community Gardens. Youth participants will grow hundreds of bird-supporting native plants and develop a native plant demonstration garden. The plants grown by youth participants will be distributed with educational materials to local organizations and schools to develop bird habitat gardens and contribute to Vancouver’s ecological network.

NEW START DATES: September 28th – November 16th

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for Fall 2019 Program! Check out the application page HERE for more details.

*This program is now full for the Fall 2019 season. If you have applied, please check your email -and in particular your spam folder as emails may be mistakenly categorized as such- for updates on program spots and wait-listing.*

To inquire about joining the program or receiving free native plants for your bird-supporting habitat garden project, contact Dee Gorn, Native Plant Nursery Coordinator at

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of:

The Province of British Columbia.

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Sitka Foundation



The Tweedledum Foundation



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