Means of Production Artist Garden

Means of Production

The Means of Production (MOP) garden was created in 2002 by artist Oliver Kellhammer, in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance, Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) and the Vancouver Park Board. Kellhammer’s original conception was to create an ‘open source’ landscape where people could experiment growing their own botanical materials for art and craft use and for the garden to be a community ‘hub’ where ongoing investigations into art and ecology would take place.

EartHand Gleaners Society has significantly furthered MOP’s original mandate as a platform for community environmental art engagement. The society is actively engaged in interdisciplinary interventions that use materials harvested from MOP to re-examine the creative potential in under-used urban zones.

The EYA currently works with EartHand Gleaners to maintain the MOP garden.

Located in North China Creek Park, on the corner of 6th and St. Catherins Aves.

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