Check out our 2017 Pollinator Citizen Science Report

December 19, 2017 Featured, News, Uncategorized

Most people have yet to learn that there are over 56 species of bees in Vancouver, and over 450 across British Columbia. The Pollinator Citizen Science program aims to empower Vancouver youth to actively address this knowledge gap. Through the lens of Citizen Science, EYA youth have spent the past five summers collecting valuable information about the status of Vancouver’s pollinators and the flowers they rely on. With the data we collect, we further hope to improve understanding of the status of pollinators in Vancouver and to present information that will help local community groups practice effective pollinator stewardship.

Along with a collection of beautiful pollinator photos taken by citizen scientists this season, the 2017 report overviews our goals, the sites we visited, the methods we used, and recommendations for stewardship and future studies.

Our objectives for this year were…

  • To evaluate whether non-mowed grass fields provide more flower resources for local pollinator communities compared to mowed grass fields.
  • To identify the attractiveness of individual plant species in Vancouver’s pollinator gardens by analyzing pollinator visitation frequency.
  • To test the Insight mobile app for its suitability for the EYA Citizen Science Pollinator monitoring purposes.

This summary will be insightful for local pollinator stewards, educators, enthusiasts, and others interested in pollinator conservation in Vancouver. Click on the report below to view: