Wild Mind

Wild Mind Program

Inspired by the ecological abundance of the past and recent actions by the City of Vancouver and Park Board to increase everyday access to nature, the Wild Mind Program seeks to inspire young rewilding stewards and help bring nature back to the city. In 2017, we’ll offer a series of workshops on urban rewilding to 270 youth in science classes at Eric Hamber and Brittania Secondary Schools. Through hands-on activities, youth will learn about planting and maintaining biodiverse wildlife gardens, stewarding native plants, insect anatomy, seed biology and germination testing, wildlife drawing, decomposition and matter cycling, bioaccumulation, and the physical and mental benefits of nature. The workshop guide will be published and distrbuted to Metro Vancouver teachers and educators. We’ll also carry out a second planting at a rewilded site in Strathcona Community Garden and, in partnership with Theatre on Earth, put on a community theatre production on the theme of urban rewilding in Summer 2017.

To join the community theatre or help plant the wild garden, contact Jess Henry at jess@eya.ca

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