Nectar Trail

Nectar Trail

The Nectar Trail is a project to build corridors of bee-friendly gardens and connect already great biodiversity hotspots in Vancouver. What a wonderful coincidence that flowers are the food for bees! By planting gardens with community partners within urban green spaces, we are linking a network of bee biodiversity to accessible habitat. Our hotspot community is in the Oak Meadows neighbourhood, along the 37th ave bike corridor between Van Deusen Garden and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Working with youth we promote planning our urban spaces to be more bee-friendly. Over 500 youth, local neighbours, and volunteers have worked to create pollinator gardens and nesting habitat for pollinators along the Nectar Trail since 2013. Check out our bee garden and insect hotel at Oak Meadows Park!

Check out some of our great pollinator resources to help you build pollinator habitat in your own garden.

“I walk home through the park and every day and I always look forward to admiring the pollinator garden on  my way home”  – park user, 2014

If you want to get involved contact Erin at and we would love to hear how you can help!




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