Pollinator Workshops

Native Pollinator Workshops

EYA provides Native Pollinator Workshops for children and youth. Guided by EYA facilitators, participants engage in hands-on exploration and discovery of bees designed to inspire and cultivate a sense of wonder. Interacting with mason bee cocoons from our Mason Bee Hotel at Oak Meadows Park, participants learn to identify, handle, and care for bees. By peering closer at bee specimens from our region and the plants that they have relationships with, participants will gain a greater understanding of the importance of bees to urban biodiversity.

We deliver 10-15 bee workshops each year in parks and schoolyards across Metro Vancouver. A limited number of workshops are offered free of charge for groups that support underserved kids.

Our workshop bookings have been filled for 2017, but please check in with us in the new year for future opportunities.


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