Meet Sam, EYA Volunteer of the Year!

May 19, 2017 Featured, Homepage, News

My name is Sam. 

I have been volunteering with EYA since 2014. Throughout my time at EYA, I have learned many things. One of those things being bees. I’m an avid photographer, so when EYA posted the chance to enter their annual pollinator photo contest, I was stoked. I submitted a photo of a honeybee and won. The prize was a beautiful mason bee house and pollinator seed mix. Since then I have seen my mason bees fill their holes and come back out the next spring. This year I have expanded my pollinator garden and look forward to seeing which critters visit it. Beyond my yard, I hope the mason bees can contribute positively to my community. My neighbourhood is home to many fruit trees, a favoured plant family of the Blue Orchard Mason Bee. Thanks to the EYA, I have learned that Mason Bees can travel a couple of kilometres a day, giving me hope they will help my whole neighbourhood! Here are some photos of my pollinator garden at home.

–Sam MacTavish, age 19

Check out Sam’s photos at